On the non-homogeneous effect of financial transaction taxes


This paper investigates the impact of a financial transaction tax (FTT) in a classic financial market setting. The benchmark analysis is based on an extension of the model presented in Kyle (1985). Opposed to the existing literature, I am able to find equilibrium values with a linear tax. Results of the benchmark model confirm standard findings of FTT’s, such as an increased bidask spread and an overall less deep market. Importantly, I find that the introduction of a tax leads to a non-linear pricing function. In turn, the model predicts a decrease in market depth and trading aggressiveness for small trades, whereas for larger trades the introduction of a FTT only leads to increased spreads and prices.

Economics and Business Letters, 9(3), 230-239, 2020

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Patrick Thöni
Patrick Thöni
PhD candidate in Finance